As anyone who knows me would world revolves around
my baby, Saibre, Donald, and my family!

To the right is Saibre testing for her 1st Degree Red Belt! She is
now a Black Belt!

Click here to see more photos of my baby!
I currently live in Atlanta, Ga. Before school became too hectic and life so busy some friends and I made it a point to go out for dinner at least once per month. Between Home-schooling Saibre, my
classes, work, and Saibre's activities i am barely able to breathe.  However here is a link to some pictures of those events and friends.    

Pictures will be posted from the Grand event. I am in Graduate School now. And I love it. I am working on my MBA. Graduation Day will be June 2006. Then of course Law School thereafter. I am
teaching now. YEAH! I am surprised and I happen to LOVE it. This has got to be the second best decision I have ever made. The first ofcourse, is having Saibre.

I have always loved the Law, but teaching feels soooooo right. Being a Mom is a full-time job and gets 200% of my time and energy. I can honestly say I would not change a thing about being a Mom.
She makes it easy for me. She is such a doll baby. Don't get me wrong she does have a strong personality and quick wit, and that can make her a bit high strong. However, that adds to her charm
and may be why it is so easy to be her Mom.
I Love Linkin Park!.............but then who doesn't!   They put on a helluva concert!
I am an AVID Elfquest Fan!
I was born in San Antonio, Texas. This season I am determined to master  the games of football and golf. As much as my family is into the game of football, you would think I would know it backwards
and forward. And like any good Texan I have to show Mad Love for the home team....  
Go Spurs!

I am also interested in Boating. The Atlanta Yacht Club has lessons and I am definitely going to have to check them out. Besides sports I also have a serious fascination for Plastic Surgery shows.

My Ultimate favorite shows to watch are on the Discovery Health Channel. The Plastic Surgery shows are the best. Dr. 90210 and Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills are HOT also! The lengths people will
go to for youth and beauty never ceases to amaze me.
My political viewpoints swing from those of Republican to Libertarian. I am a strong Bush supporter when it comes to his tax cuts and the War on Terror. He has proven himself to be an EXCELLENT
economics and a Brilliant wartime President. The fact of the matter is that we are in the midst of World War 4.......WW 3 was the Cold War.

I do believe the best tax method is one of equality, such as with the
National Retail Sales Tax. In this plan we are not taxed according to our earnings, but on our spending. So, the more you spend
the more you pay. That is most equitable. Go to the website and read it for yourselves. This is the greatest country in the world. And one of the reasons for that is our freedoms. We have the
freedom to access any type of information without censorship. So, please take advantage of that freedom and do so!  

I love listening to the
Neal Boortz Show, Hannity and The Schnitt Show.

I  am an avid reader with a particular fondness for books written by Jack Welch, Ann Coultre, Sean Hannity, Dick Morris, Anthony T. Browder, and Chiekh Diop just to name a few. The list is pretty
long so I will stop there...

I have a love for art. My absolute most favorite artist is
Ernie Barnes. His work is so phenomenal! Please check out the link!

I love music. All types! From Classical to Country to Rap to R&B to Rock. Music to me go so far beyond color. It is a state of mind. It takes you places and enhances every experience in life. For me
music is like a drug... without the ill effects of narcotics. That is why I can listen to Martina McBride as easily as I can 112 or Hoobastank. As you can see from above one of my most favorite groups is
Linkin Park. I went to see them in concert and lost my voice for a week. They put on an amazing show.

You will also notice from above that I am an Elfquest Fanatic. Richard and Wendy Pini put out mind boggling work. They have a new Elfquest series coming out on July 30, 2004. Yes I will be one of
the first people in line to get it. The artwork is HOT!

Ok .....I got the new Graphic Novel and it is HOT!!!!! The level of talent and artistry is AMAZING. I so wish I could draw like that.

And like any other woman, I LOVE
shoes. It would appear that I am striving for a collection the size of Amelda Marcos.......I am not........ it just appears that way.  Purses are another weakness of
mine. I know I linked it to Coach, but in all honesty a nice leather bag that coordinates with my shoes is cool with me. I just happen to like Coach bags and Louis Vuitton.
                                                                                                  Update Time:

The first year of teaching was interesting. I have now completed the second year and I have to say........WOW!! I had a really good year.  It could have been better scorewise. I was blessed with GREAT children. My children did a
really good job on the standardized test, CRCT, that they take every spring. Here are the scores:
Reading- 83%
                                                                                                                                                                        Language Arts- 96% (highest in the school)
                                                                                                                                                                        Math- 50% (An even hotter mess!!)
                                                                                                                                                                        Science- 54% (A hot mess)
                                                                                                                                                                        Social Studies- 88% (second highest in the school)
As you can see, I need to seriously get my Science and Math scores in a better place. My scores outperformed teachers with more than 10 years of experience. So I am very proud of that. I genuinely love what I do and I want it to
show.I am excited about the next year and really getting started. The next school year is going to be more hands on and interactive for my babies.