Saibre's Page
This is my page dedicated strictly to my greatest accomplishment and love. I Thank God everyday for her. Even when she is getting into trouble and on my last nerve.

She is now 13.....5 more years to go!!,  and quite the genius....although I might be a  bit biased.

She loves to cook and bake. Which works out best for me since I am so busy. So I am constantly searching for creative and new cook books for her. If you know of any
send the suggestions right on over.

I  am still Homeschooling her, much to her dismay. Although I, personally, am loving every minute of it. You all know how I am a bit of a control freak.. And it is no secret how I feel about government schools.

She has her Black Belt in AFAF Karate and is  now taking
Tae Kwon Do.

She is also in Dance classes, Sewing classes, Art instruction at Callanwolde and  Soanish Lessons. As you can see I am a firm believer in exposing her to positive outlets. I truly believe that the more activities you involve them in the better
their chances for success. She is still taking acting lessons as well at the Alliance Theatre. I am looking for German classes for her. Korean Lessons went well. We are taking a break from them though. She really wants to take Japanese classes.

Saibre is also taking
Horseback Riding Lessons. Pictures will be forthcoming! if you did not already guess that, huh... :-)

The pictures below are  not in any particular order so enjoy!
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Saibre, at  18 months, and I Downtown
Saibre at 8 mos! My
miniature Mickey
Saibre at 3 years
Here is my Baby at 3 years
Saibre at age 4 years
My Baby.....oops my daughter(she
hates it when i call her my baby) on
her 12th Birthday!
My Angel-Baby at 7 years!
Saibre and I at Epcot
Mom and Saibre at Disney World with
Darkwing Duck! Now keep in mind she
watched the cartoon
faithfully, but
when he reached to hold her she
refused to let him. I guess I should
have gotten an idea of the attitude to
come..... :-) !
Saibre at 7 with
Saibre and Marquez driving like
maniacs! This is her 11th Birthday
Party at Malibu Grand Prix
Saibre on her 12th Birthday! I
am thinking .....Diva! What do
you think?
Saibre at 6 days old!
Saibre,3yrs old and Grandmom
Saibre, Shantia- holding Jess, and
Saibre's 13th birthday present, Shadow
Saibre's Dad, Steven,
Grandmom, Uncle
Michael and Aunt Donna!
Saibre and I Downtown
Saibre and Shadow
Saibre, Danaie (Danielle's daughter),
and Nina
Saibre at horseback riding lesson
Tamara and Saibre skating
Saibre and her brother, Scooter
Scooter, Saibre and Grandma
Tamara, Javin and Saibre skating
Saibre rollerskating
Saibre and Grandma Justice in
front of the Christmas tree
Saibre, Tabitha and Khadijah at
Grandma Justices house
Uncle Michael and Big Brother
Saibre showing her artistic
eye......... a bridge in Lake Charles,
The Family at Thanksgiving 2005.
Grandma Justice, Auntie Donna,
Uncle Michael, Scooter, Khadijah,
Tabitha and Saibre
Saibre's brother, Scooter
Saibre with her cousins and big
brother. She was so happy
spending time with them.
Saibre and Uncle Michael
Saibre surrounded by the ones
she love!
Saibre with her Karate teacher,
Brian Smith. This is when she
achieved her Red Belt
Saibre at her Uncle Kirk's house
Guess Who?!?! Saibre ofcourse
She Did it!!!!! My baby has her
Black Belt! She is posing with her
Karate Instructor, Brian.
Saibre! I know the lawn looks a hot
mess. It is much better now
Saibre at her Black Belt Test. She
is getting ready to Spar
Saibre being silly!
She had just gotten her hair done.
My Baby! She is 12 in this picture.
Saibre on her 12th Birthday!
Saibre at age 8
Saibre and Family in Texas-
she was 10  in this picture
Saibre's Great
Grandmom- she is
so stylish
Saibre striking a pose at 7
Saibre, her Auntie
Donna and cousins
Saibre and her Spanish/Dance
Teacher, Kahleeha Adams
Saibre and her cousin at her Dad's
cousin Wayne's wedding. How
photogenic is my angel?
Saibre and her Karate class after a
test - 05/2003
Saibre and
Larissa- I thought
it would be too
cute to dress
them alike. what
do you think?
Saibre with the gift basket sent to
her by her Uncle Kirk and Aunt
Saibre and Jess
Saibre after passing her Red Belt
Test 5-2003
Saibre on her 10th birthday
This is one of the newest members of
the family, Comet!
Saibre and Larissa
Saibre at 18 months, The
original Pic got wet. That is why
I am trying to scan all my old
Saibre at 18 months at Disney
Saibre's Dad, Steven
The second new member of the family,
This is Kyle. He is her first date.
Saibre going on her first date. How cute is this?!
Comet and Eric!
Comet and Eric showing why Cats
How Cute they are!
Christmas in San Antonio!
MARCH 2008
She went to the Ball with her friend, Kyle Walker