Here are some picture of  some Ladies Night Out Events and Friends of the past and present!  
Syreeta Mokofisi getting her dance
on! Yes, it is true this is how she is
in real life. Always off the hook!
She was Belly Dancing at Imperial
Moko and Terence!
Ladies outside of Fogo De Chao!
Kimberly Clayborne- one
of my absolute best
friends in high school
Princess Carletta!
Tony Johnson! This is my first
LOVE. How cute is he?!??1
Is it just me or does the picture
speak for itself?!?!
Shandra with two guys from the
Elaine, Star and Carmen at
Syreeta......giggling like
must have been the aphrodisiac!
Shandra and Syreeta!
Natalie Fitzgerald! Her desk
makes it appear that she
actually works for a living.........
too bad we know the real truth!
Monica getting her eat
on at Fogo De Chao!
Dani............she makes
being a Diva look easy!
Natalie striking a pose that
screams "Yes, I know you want to
be me"
Danielle clowning in the parking
lot of Mama Mae's
Sexy Syreeta at
Sanctuary! This was on
Salsa Night!
Celestial showing us that
being so damn sexy is
demanding work.
Cynthia Jones Davis Allen Smith
Thompson....... so many names; so
little space! LOL.....
Celeste on her Birthday! Being the
Diva she is!
Danielle, Full and satisfied at Fogo
De Chao!
Star and Carmen.......they look like
sisters!....they are not
though.....Can You tell which is
Mother and which is Daughter?
Natalie looking surprised at her
Bridal Shower
Natalie and Gina!
Natalie and Kashi and of course
their special chair!
Natalie striking a pose!
She insisted I do a second shot,
because she did not like the first
...... do you see how demanding my
friends can be?!?!?!?!?
Nancy Meeks babies!
A picture of Kashi's Desk!
Today is her birthday!!!
Kashi striking a pose
Kashi in her personal garden!
Natalie's babies, Tamara
and Javin
Deshawn Mackey showing what a
PIMP at work looks like.
Kashi in her Princess Tiara
The Queen on her Throne
Marcel Edgar Reyes! He
was such a hottie. I dated
him for a good minute
before meeting Saibre's
Kashi being stalked by the Paparazzi!
This is what 21 looks
like. How does she stay
so young looking?
Luther Hamm- 1994. But he
preferred to be call Luthedra
Cynthia Baby, Summer @
12- 2005
Bennie Nix and I Again-
Spring 1991 at Illusions
Oldest, Leslie
Bennie Nix and I at Studio
57 in San Antonio- Spring
Guess who had
a great time on
Kendra, Ericka, and Nat we were at
Bell-Bottoms celebrating Ericka's
Tony Johnson and I-
November 1986! This is
our first Thanksgiving
Charlotte Mendoza- my road dog
from 6th grade to 1998. This is her
in 1987- Spring Break