Family Foto Page!

Family is so monumentally important to me. Here are a few pictures of
the ones I hold near and dear, and even the ones the work my last nerve!
But you gotta love them anyway :-)
There are more Family fotos here also!
     Saibre and Shadow
Here is my Mom. She had just
gotten her Bachelors Degree! Now
she is working on her Phd.!!
Here is my  niece.....KiKi!
She is a sweetie pie.
That smile just demands a
smile in return!
My beautiful baby with the BEAUTIFUL
Awwww! Isn't she cute? This
is  my niece Jess!
She is so a doll baby. How
can you not help but love her!
Here is my sister, Laurie, and beautiful
nieces, Rissa, Jess and Kiki!
She is such a dedicated Mommy! Can't
you just see the pride in her children
shining from her eyes?
For Saibre's birthday she wanted a
puppy. So i got her a Pomeranian. How
cute is he!?!?1
My beautiful nieces Rissa and Jess!
I see Superstar written all over Rissa's
face. She is such a beautiful child.
Strong willed and creative as well!
Mom with Kiki and Jess!
Yeah I know it is a bit
crooked. But the love in the
picture still shines through!
My Brother and his girls!
They are growing entirely toooooo fast!
Brigette and Jess!
Here is My Brother and his beautiful
family! He definitely loves children!
Cap'n Kirk!
I love this picture of Jess
My Nephew, Patrick- He looks
just like his Dad, Kirk! I must
be getting old, because he
has a new baby now.
This is Brigette Now! As
cute as she wanna be
How beautiful is this picture?!
Larissa is really growing up to be a
stunner! I say get the shotgun
Mom posing and Looking Fabulous!
They are so beautiful!
Old Man!

Whatz Up!!??
Laurie and KiKi!
Snow Angels!
Saibre going to formal at New Birth
Saibre at horseback riding lesson
Saibre at Horseback Riding Lesson
A picture of my sister Agnes and her
Dad, Junior
A second picture of Agnes and her Dad
Prom Picture! Myself and one of my
best friend Stepanie Huff
Kirk and the family
My brother, Kirk and his Aunt Janie
My cousin Rita and I, Me at 12
Saibre, Me and the children, Me, My
nephew Jermaine, Nikki and the
children, Nikki as a babby
The family!
Saibre's Auntie Donna, Great
Grandmom and Grandma Justice
Me at 8 years old- 1978
My niece, Brigette. She is
such a beauty
Mom, Saibre and I- 1999
My Nephew, Harry Wayne Brown Jr., BJ
Saibre and her version of a
My cutiepie Niece, Brigette!
She is 5 now. Cap'n makes
beautiful babies!
Grandma Justice lounging
Kirk's second wife, Michelle and
My nieces, Ola and Lisa and nephew,